Calcata and Montegelato Waterfalls

Sunday 26 November 



An enchanted village out of time and space, surrounded by one of the lushest parks in Italy. Is it really possible not to be charmed by the beauty of Calcata? After being abandoned in the 20's, this ancient villages has been repopulated in the 60's by artists, hippies and artisans; becoming the perfect place for whoever wants to leave behind the chaotic rhythm of the city. We will be spending few hours around its little alleys, visiting its small stores and workshops and admiring some really incredible views, before heading to the amazing waterfalls of Monte Gelato, chosen by many directors (Welles and Zeffirelli are two remarkable examples) as a set for their movies.



Travel Plans and Other informations


10,30:  Meeting point at Piazzale del Verano, in front of the Church of San Lorenzo.  

10,45: Departure to Calcata, you can purchase your ticket on board.


12:  Arrival at Calcata and guided tour of the town (1 hour).


15,15: Transfer to Montegelato Waterfalls 


15,45: Guided tour of the waterfalls. 


17:  Departure to Rome. 



You can purchase the ticket at the reduced price of 15€ on our website or call 3409781861 and pay 20€ directly on board.



Ticket includes the roundtrip by bus, the guided tours of the city center of Calcata and the Montegelato Waterfalls.

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